KNOWN Issues and Changes for 1.12
Hey everyone! This post will get constantly updated as needed. As some of you know I've been testing 1.12 daily since it came out. Sadly some stuff only shows up on the main server, so some of these issues were not planned. For the most part I have sorted out majority of the mess.

Here is the KNOWN ISSUES for 1.12!
-Our bonus enchants are NOT working right now. The data is saved, your stats on these enchants will be fine. Just hold on to them for now. We are working with the creator of that plugin to fix it for 1.12. It has turned out to be a bigger mess than expected. (Yes this means you cant enchant them right now!)
-The server takes like 30-45 seconds longer to restart/start up. 
-The afk kick might not be working? Someone just let me know or something idk
-Achievements are all over the chat. Yea I know

Here is some patch notes (changes) for 1.12!
-The AH has now changed! Yes you can sell OR AUCTION!. /ah sell (price) /ah bid (starting price). You can also add the amount of items after the price. I have not fully tested this feature.
-The AH has categories. 
-You can now sell heads on the AH.
-As of right now there is no tax for AH. I may add one at a later date.
-New chat filter update. "Cancer" is no longer in the filter. Don't abuse this or I will add it back.
-For chat filter update: This is a "beta test" so if something doesn't seem right report it on the site!
-Player beheading program is now back. LOOTING increases the chances
-Warp shop windows look a little different. iShadey's idea :o

Ranking up changes (free ranks)
-You currently can't rank up. I'm sorry. I have updated this to 1.12 but I honestly was not ready for the extreme code and format change. I need to redo all however many ranks there are (like fucking 30?). I will be adding better rewards and colors and all that jazz. Only apprentice is currently in the system to rank up. 
-Your stats like block break, block place, and kills have been reset. I cannot confirm nor deny votes and mcmmo.
-Stats ARE being recorded! So fear not, start working on that and by the time I finish you should be mostly recovered

Vote Changes
-I am not fully done working on this, please keep voting, we need votes for the server! This will take a few days to finish
The following is coming soon to voting:
-/v opens a window that you can now click each vote link on. it also shows you cooldowns on the votes. Right now the vote links arent actually there. But they are still on the website!.
-Bonus rewards for voting on all 13 sites
-New reward system, yes overall better rewards
-Its a little spammy with broadcasts. Will fix that soon
-Currently it's not giving rewards. Will fix soon
60% of the time it works every time

Vote Rewards

This program is completely rebuilt and changed. Right now votes have a chance to give you keys or mcmmo, if you do not get lucky you get money and exp. However, it doesn't tell you that you got money and exp in the chat. So please be on a look out if you get keys and let me know that the key chances are working.

Coming soon for voting rewards:
-/v shop (one item in there right now, just for testing but if u really wanna waste points go for it)
-top monthly vote rewards
-first time vote reward
-bonus reward if you vote on all 13 daily
-will tweak chances for keys, they seem kinda low right now for testing

Exact rewards from voting:
(you dont get these every time, its a chance)

-Random money amount from $250-$2500
-Random exp amount from 25-150
-FoodChest key
-DailyVote key
-MysteryChest key
-DonateChest key
-5 credits
-10 credits
-12 credits
60% of the time it works every time

Free Rank changes

All ranks have been fixed.

Known issues:
-Infoboard on the right side does not show your next rank
60% of the time it works every time

Bonus Enchants

-Made some changes to beheading, you mayyy be able to get more mob heads than just the usual few.
-Tried to fix agility. Let me know if it works.
60% of the time it works every time

-Additional fixes to votes, please let me know if you win any keys or mcmmo credits. I don't know its working till it works!
-Additional fixes to /reward. Bonus rewards for higher ranks is disabled for right now till the regular works.
60% of the time it works every time

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