Gareinon Town Thread
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This Thread is for all Gareinon residents and allies - we will put town updates here and if you have any questions, you can totally post here - we will respond as soon as possible.

Mayor/Co-Major: Availana & MineCarafe
Established: April 2017
Theme: Medeival/Fantasy
Plot Cost: $0, Plot Rent: $200/day 

Town Rules:
1. Please respect all town Mayors/Staff #Respectyoelders
2. No all-dirt builds please #keepgareinonbeautiful
3. Please do not break/build/etc within 50 blocks of town boarder
4. Rent: $200/day 
5. Try and build to Gareinon style (staff can ask you to modify, although unlikely)
6. TC (and general life) rules: No abuse, racism, or intolerant language of any kind. #respectyoneighbors
7. HAVE FUN!!!

Town Amenities:
- Shops available to sell/buy (talk to Availana about owning a kiosk)
- Skeleton/Zombie Mob Grinder
- Spider/Cave Spider Mob Grinder

We are a young town and have many projects we are currently working on:
- Town Pub (to purchase yummy drinks)
- Town Library (if you have a book you'd like to add to the library, run it by Avaliana or MineCarafe)
- Town Bakery (to purchase many carbs)
- More Plots for residents

Interested in Joining? /Msg Avaliana OR /Msg MineCarafe

Hope to see you around!

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