Ridgey's Trusted Application
In Game Name - Ridgey28
When Did You Join The Server? - January 2017 (Not sure of the specific date)
Have you read all the rules and understand them fully - Yes
Have you ever been banned or temp banned off this server - No
If yes, why - N/A
Anything else you want to add - I have always enjoyed playing this server, and I have made new friends through it. Although I have played other towny servers (TownyAge is the only one I play now), TownyAge is the only one I have remained dedicated to. I feel accepted, and I have always felt welcome, even before I had a rank. 

Thank you for reading my application
'Things always get worse before they get better'  - My Quote
'Only the weakest people make fun of things we cannot control' -  Manky's Quote
Congrats! You have been accepted to be a Trusted! Please be sure to read townyage.com/trusted . For any questions any Chat Moderator can help you. After you understand your role feel free to use /rp and claim your trusted title. Thanks!
60% of the time it works every time

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