iShadey's Developer Application

My name is Joshua, and I am a Developer from the United Kingdom. I know, I've only recently joined, but I believe I can help bring this server amazing new features and cool plugins for players and staff to enjoy! I heard you're looking for a developer, and I have already coded a plugin that you use on your server (-removed-), so I believe that I am fit for this position.


In game name: iShadey [Previously: zShades, iTrollStar, TrollStar12345, dragontrol123]

Age: 14 (I understand this is young, but I am very mature and I am an exceptional coder for my comfort area)

How long have you been doing plugins: 
I have been doing plugins for almost 4 years now, so I have a deep understanding of Java and the techniques that are used to reduce any memory usage and increase the maximum potential for a plugin. I have been publicly making plugins for 2 years, with my first plugins going on Bukkit and then on Spigot.

Why do you want to be our dev: 

I believe I can help bring the server to its maximum potential using custom coded plugins to do all sorts of things that you (or any players) may propose and creating it to the peak of my ability. I have been a dev on a server previously before it closed down, and I custom coded every plugin on that network, including plugins for bungeecord and spigot with a set of complex plugins for each server on the network. I believe that accepting my application will further benefit the server and myself into creating this into a popular server or network.

Examples of work:
This part was removed by KoKo :o

What is your comfort area:

I have a rather large area of comfort when it comes to plugins; I have skills in many areas including GUIs, commands, abilities, custom enchantments, items, crates, and some backend areas like anti cheats, punishment systems and more! I am an expert in most types of plugins seen on your server.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope that I can be helping you and your server out massively!

Best regards,

- Joshua (iShadey)
Thanks for the post Shadey! I'll be talking to you tomorrow about it. Currently heading out for some work and wont be back till its too late for you
60% of the time it works every time

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