Mob Disguise Guide
Hello Friends! I am your friendly neighborhood Justy and I got some fun tips for you! Are you a donor? Do you have MobDisguise? Well this is the GUIDE FOR YOU!

Are you a Baron(ess)?!

Well, you can't disguise. Sorry, luv u <3

Are you a Viscount(ess)?!

You can't disguise either....

Duke/Duchess can't either? What is this?!


Are you an Archduke/Archduchess?

Well, you got Cow, Pig, Sheep, Rabbit, and Horse!

Now to use this you can use /d or /disguise followed by the animal!
Example: /disguise rabbit

Sadly, these are all you have access to :c

King/Queen, y'all got the same as above, good luck.


All you Emperors and Empresses out there, y'all got a LOT of room to breath with Mob Disguise, before you go on, just try putting in /disguisehelp

Now try doing /disguisehelp rabbit

That's what I gotta deal with right now.

So for each disguise, when doing disguise help, you'll notice in the list there are different colors.

The Gray stand for things that are for every MobDisguise! You can use them, and most are self explanatory, but if you don't know what one does, try it out! (Also keep in mind, some do not work quite the way you'd think)

The Yellow are Disguise specific! They help shape the Disguise, and change attributes! Try them out, they're pretty fun!

The Light Blue are Mob Specific, like health!

Alright, now let's do a quick tutorial. So, you want to disguise as a glowing upside down baby rabbit???

I got the command for you!

You begin with the basic command for every disguise.

/d rabbit

In the disguisehelp, it does say setBaby, but you ain't gotta do that!

/d rabbit baby

Now to the glowing part!

/d rabbit baby setGlowing true

The set and whatever comes after it is always one word! The true/false or number/ID/color always has a space after!

Oh yea, did I say upside down? Yes, I did! Those super cool Dinnerbone and _jeb nametags work in MobDisguise!

/d rabbit baby setGlowing true setCustomName Dinnerbone

Now you're a glowing upside down baby rabbit!
(If you want to set the name tag as visible, use setCustomNameVisible true

Now, some other things are quite handy for when you're disguising, ever been a mob, and you just can't see anything in First Person?

Try setViewSelfDisguise False
Boom, you can't see the disguise, but everyone else can!

(The same for mob sounds is setHearSelfDisguise False)

One main one I LOVE is for Falling Block and Dropped Item, YOU CAN BECOME ANY BLOCK OR DROPPED ITEM

/d falling_block diamondblock

Now you're a diamond block!

/d dropped_item diamondblock

Now you're a dropped one! You can even make yourself a stack of them!

/d dropped_item diamondblock:64

Now we shall learn about my favorite disguise, Area Effect Cloud >:o

Quickly, do /disguisehelp Area_effect_cloud

Ok, SO.

setIgnoreRadius true This one would make your particles only appear from one point, rather than the default radius of 1!
setRadius (#) you can be a wave OF HEARTS /d areaeffectcloud setParticleID 34 setRadius 5


But yea that's all I got for y'all today, discover the fun for yourself too!

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