End of 2017!

By [O] KoKoBerry - Posted Dec 7, 17

End of 2017 Event Info

A large amount of you have been asking if we will be doing a Christmas or New Years event. This year we will not be doing a large month long event like last year. I have taken our two most popular events from last years December event and have scrapped the rest. This is so our staff team can finish working on the new spawn and special new features coming to the server!

Drop Party
When: Saturday, December 23rd
Time: 5pm EST

*Tons of rare items will be dropping. Some exclusive to this event only! Perhaps a fortune ten pickaxe as well!

Donation Raffle
Start: December 11th
End: Jan 12th
Goal: 50 featured items sold

20 people will win one spot each on the raffle if we reach the goal! Every $1 spent on our donation page equals one ticket in the drawing. We pick names starting from the rarest items in the raffle first, so the more you spend the more chance you get!

Raffle Rewards:
(x1) Home Wrecker (The fortune nine pickaxe from black friday!)
(x1) Spawn Egg: Evoker (The RAREST egg on the server)
(x1) 500 McMMO Credits
(x1) 50 HeadChest Keys
(x1) 50 DonateChest Keys
(x1) One of the new kits on the kits page (your choice!)
(x1) $25 Donate Ticket
(x1) Wing builder
(x1) $10 Donate Ticket
(x1) Block Trails (your choice, new!)
(x2) Particle Trail (your choice!)
(x2) Falling Trail (your choice!)
(x2) 25 McMMO Credits
(x2) $500k in game cash
(x2) 50 bank slot

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