Black Friday Weekend!

By [O] KoKoBerry - Posted Nov 24, 17

Start: 12AM 11/24/2017 (Live now!)
End: 11:59PM 11/27/2017

NEW! Cyber Monday! 11/27 only! 50% off most of the Featured items!

20% off most of the donate page with additional keys per purchase. 
Exclusive Featured items for Black Friday Weekend only!

** The ultra rare “Dream Wrecker” and its sister “Home Wrecker” (Pickaxes) **
** The forgotten little sister “Mini Home Wrecker” (Pickaxe again!) **
** Three different key kits, all with only 30 day cooldowns **
** Two exclusive titles to this weekend only (Currently the only seven letter titles available )**
** KoKo’s Real Secret Boots **
** Imperator Gear (Each sold separate, for those who just want a taste of Imperator) **
** Spawn Eggs **
** Early access to Imperator and Imperatrix. The new rank above Emperor/Empress! **

Early Access information:
*The ranks Imperator and Imperatrix are not complete yet. However by buying them now you get instant access to anything added to the rank as soon as it comes available to the rank. The rank is ONLY on sale this weekend and will not be on the Donate Page again until the rank is fully complete. At this time it looks like the rank may not be complete until after July 2018. (That estimation may change later on).

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