Donate Page Changes

[O] KoKoBerry posted Tue at 13:31

As all of you know I have been working on some awesome donate page changes. I am still fixing up the particles and other cosmetics but players have been asking for a list of things that have already gotten a price change.

The following items have had a drop in their price

-Pet Giant
-Kit Utility
-All tickets
-All one time items
-Bank NPC
-Pet Bank
-Bank Slots (storage)
-500 McMMO Credits
-Bottles of Enchanting
-Rain Trail (builder!)
-Wing Particle (builder!)

The following items have been removed from the shop
-20 McMMO Credits
-MysteryChest keys

Let's kick this school year off with an icon who has gotten us through the tough times.
A man that we can listen to while we stress out over homework or just wanna get drunk and watch him till 7am then realizing you have work in an hour. Both have happened for me at least.
A man who really inspired many. A man who... alright you get it lets go on with the event.

Start: 8/4/2017
End: 8/31/2017

50 packs purchased: Every person who donates this month gets Kit Knight for free. (Donated for anything)
100 packs purchased: Every player gets Kit Knight for free. (Must log in and claim within certain days)

Yes. EVERY player gets kit knight for free if the final goal is reached.

Inside Kit Knight:
-Diamond Shovel (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6, Soulbound, Rejuvination 3)
-Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6, Soulbound, Rejuvination 3)
-Diamond Axe (Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6, Soulbound, Rejuvination 3)
-1 DonateChest Key
-1 HeadChest Key
(60 day cooldown)

The August Package
-75 McMMO credits (Around a $90k in game value)
-10 DonateChest Keys
-8 HeadChest Keys
-Bob's Fan Brush
(Bow: Power 6, Punch 3, Flashing Arrows 3, Multishoot 2)
-Afro Protector 
(Diamond Helmet: Protection 6, Unbreaking 6, Rejuvination 2, Regeneration 3, Nightvision)
-Titanium White Stained Boots 
(Diamond Boots: Protection 6, Unbreaking 6, Frost Walker 2, Rejuvination 2, Regeneration 3, Flight)

*These are all one time items. There is no cap on purchase.

Psst. Incase you didn't get who it is. Its Bob Ross.


Tonights patch notes!
-Made some changes to our bonus enchants. They should work on off hand when a bow is on your main hand now. Tested some more with the beheading and extra mob drops. The extra mobs like cow, sheep, etc, are disabled right now.
-Made some changes backend and to the anticheats. Please let me know if the jumping issues have gotten better or worse on the forums.
-Added things like mob spawners, doors, trapdoors, etc, back to /lock. (This may not take into effect till tomorrow)
-Getting ready for data transfers for new database which should also bring your old stats that you lost a bit ago (ar check). I do not know if it brings back the old vote counts.
-Rebuilding all particles and updating them.
-Building Emotes! Hype!
-Fixed my fort 10 pickaxe not showing up in the DonateChest, also raised its chances a little
-Tried to get the /vote (All vote links) to direct to the website instead of clutter your chat, will have another attempt soon.
-Spawn egg shop fixed. Yes there is a weird color on the signs, that will get fixed after next restart. Couldn't be bothered to restart and interupt everyone just for one little color issue.
-Prices for spawn eggs have not changed yet. We are working on our new spawn and those prices will be updated.
-YouTube rank requirements and application posted under General Discussion.
-Key chests giving glass panes randomly should be fixed

**On Thursday, August 3rd at 10am EST there will be some downtime. I am thinking this will only take an hour but I will update on Twitter as I go. This will be for the new database updates.

7/27 updates

[O] KoKoBerry posted Jul 27, 17

Here's a quick list of tonights updates!

-AH changes. We have gone back to our old AH system. Information (if needed) will be posted eventually. Thing's like auction house slots and what not. 
-Your rank up stats have changed a bit. I am working on converting everything to a new database. I have your data saved, it is not lost. It may not show up yet. I am also working on trying to restore the old data from the last stat reset. I have everything saved and ready, its just getting programs to work correctly.
-Made several backend changes to lower lag on the server. More to come later this week.

Jobs Reset

[O] KoKoBerry posted Jul 25, 17

Only one person reported it so hopefully not many are upset over this. It looks like the jobs have been reset. I tried to restore/roll it back but the data won't take to the system. So at this time I have instead worked on ways to prevent it from happening. Since it is related to jobs itself, there is not much I can do about it. I'm working with that creator to prevent this from happening again. I do apologize for this issue and we are working on ways to prevent it from happening again.

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