Hey everyone! xDest and I have been planning out some really fun new systems and I am excited to announce our new unscramble is now ready. Here is what is different with the new system.
-Fully random rewards. The harder the unscramble, the bigger the reward.
-Troll rewards. Thats right sometimes you get a troll item.
-Only needs 10 people online to start an unscramble (instead of 25)
-Unscrambles now tell you its theme so you don't have to ask around.
-There may be more than one theme :p

Unscramble Rewards:
(This list does not include the troll rewards)
-Exp bottles
-Money directly to your town (if you have no town it will not reward this)
-FoodChest Key(s)
-DailyVote Keys(s)
-HeadChest Key(s)
-DonateChest Key(s)
-McMMO Credits

I may add more later on :o Enjoy!

(Please report any issues on the forums)

sonicblitz215 I luv this :o. the rewards needed some more oomph :p

Heyo! Here are the patch notes for tonights 30 minute downtime.

-Pet updates (hopefully will get the pet bank to work for once)
-Backend updates to clear up newly found lag
-Backend updates for future content changes
-Some light bugfixes that were more for admin side
-/bottle get should now be working correctly. Its exp tax amounts have been slightly changed to avoid abusing it
-Resource world has been mostly reset, you may find a few chunks that are old, I did that to make sure the data rolled over better. Please be careful using a sethome in that world, now that the world has changed you MIGHT port into solid blocks. Use at your own risk. 
-Passive mobs spawning correctly in the resource world.
-OctoberFest updates starting tonight, you will start to see OctoberFest stuff in game soon. 

Resetting soon: (Will not give you a date, sorry!)
-The End
-The Nether

Hey everyone!

As many of you know both I and our server's tower are located in Florida. I have the tower located more inward away from flood issues. It also has a backup generator and backup internet sources. The company that monitors the tower downtown for me has assured me that the hurricane should not take the tower offline.

I did get warned that you may feel some extra lag during hard storm hits. This can be because of switching power or internet connection to the tower.

I am not fully out of the "danger zones" so you most likely will not see me or hear from me during this time. Staff can contact me (if phone towers dont go down) if there is an issue.

If for whatever reason the server goes down please keep an eye on the forums, staff will be posting updates as soon as they can. Remember, I may not be able to be in contact so the server may not come up right away if for whatever reason it goes down.

Stay safe!

DaddingtonBee I see the server possibly down - I hope everything is ok. Be safe.
Dafununbean I hope you stay safe KoKo!!
[O] KoKoBerry Starting today all server updates, changes, bug fixes, etc, are paused until after the 3 hurricanes pass or avoid my are...

Key chest changes

[O] KoKoBerry posted Aug 30, 17

Major changes to the key chests:

-Reverting to a different system again, you can exchange your old keys for new ones next to the key chests. If you still have your old green keys from before they should still work. 
-All chances for key rare items and spawn eggs have been greatly raised.
-All chances for items are now shown in case previewing. I am debating on if I want it to stay this way or not. 
-The high fortune pickaxes have not had their chances changed too much. Fortune 8 and 9 are added back in. They somehow went missing before.
-Added 80 new and returning items to the DonateChest
-Buffed the DailyVote to give better stuff more often
-Sheild graphics are fixed.

Adding soon:
-More heads to the HeadChest. 

Missing titles

[O] KoKoBerry posted Aug 26, 17

Hey everyone!

We are in the process of switching out some programs due to their unstable behavior. One program we are still working on is our rank pick /rp program. This shows staff ranks, trusted, and custom ranks. At this time this is down and you will not be able to pick your rank. If you have a custom rank you will need to resubmit the colors to me when I have the new program up and running.

I do apologize for this inconvience, this program is too unstable and does not meet our standards. We are currently working on a replacement.

[O] KoKoBerry Titles are back and fixed. Anyone who had a custom title please post under purchase issues. The post for it will be up i...
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