Key Chest Changes

[O] KoKoBerry Online posted Nov 3, 17

The DonateChest is back! Total of 92 items. This includes 11 rare pieces of gear, 39 unique pieces of gear, and 41 other items (including tickets and coupons). The total of 50 pieces of gear will not be in the chest after this month.

HeadChest has a total of 56 heads. Two are extremely rare (its my head and brad's head) Brads the coowner "byokota".

**From now on each chest's items will FULLY change at the start of every month. Some items you see are being repeated from older chests but these items will NOT be coming back for a long time. I have lowered the overall amount of items in both the DonateChest and HeadChest so you can actually obtain and collect everything in the chests with less repeated items. Please know the DonateChest is more of a gamble with less items in it. 

10/18 Small patch

[O] KoKoBerry Online posted Oct 18, 17

Tonights list of changes:

-/baltop now shows bank balance as well. Server total balance went from $95 mill to $240 mill. 
-Quake should now work on players
-Backend updates to the market system. If you encounter any bugs please report them.
-Backend updates to the bank system and how fast it works. You should notice faster reactions when using the bank. I am still trying to fix the deposit all error. I have applied a test fix but need people to report if the issue is still happening.
-Working on some towny related updates. Hopefully will have those out later this week.
-Chat no longer corrects your grammer ("wanna")
-Chat no longer turns shit into symbols

As some of you noticed, today I cleaned up the bug reports and organized them in a way to knock them all out. Over the next few days I will be doing the same to the suggestions area. So if you have something you wanna see added, nows the time to post!

My goal is to have majority of the bugs and suggestions fully knocked out and fixed before Christmas. 

sonicblitz215 I was about to post a bug report about the <3 :) ;) :( symbols not working lol, I thought it was broken. I liked ...

Kit update

[O] KoKoBerry Online posted Oct 7, 17

Hey everyone!

Just a small notice for all the kits on the kit page. This does not apply to donate rank kits or any other past kits. 

All kits on the kit page will be removed at the end of this month. Once removed they will not be available for purchase again. I will be launching some new kits next month. At this time I do not have any information to share about the new kits.


[O] KoKoBerry Online posted Sep 28, 17


Start: October 1st
End: October 31st

-New Unscrambles!
-MobArena Testing
-Daily Chest
-Weekly Chest
-Special donate page
-Mini Casino
-Build Contest

OctoberFest has been announced! Be sure to check it out right here! 
Keep in mind this starts October 1st so you will not get access to things
like the donate page and the daily/weekly chests till then!

BearCalvalry You mean Oktoberfest?

9/24 Small Updates

[O] KoKoBerry Online posted Sep 24, 17

Quick updates tonight!

-Unscrambles should now be able to read your answers with chat colors on.
-Pet bank works
-Bartenders disabled for updates
-Right click on regular bank should work now (needs testing)

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